Jonathan Duca


My name is Jonathan,  

I live in Switzerland, more precisely in Ticino, which is why I speak Italian. It all started after a serious car accident in May 2014, which cost me dearly having to undergo 18 surgeries. After a very long time, more than 5 years, I got a disability.  

Living alone I decided to take an animal, so I went to the Protection of the  animals and I found a beautiful kitten of about 3 months ...... Jek. Shortly after I took a friend, also a kitten of about 3 months, named Jo, who unfortunately proved a bit spiteful ... He was always peeing on the sofa, for a year I tried them all but continues. .. Since Jek was fine alone I gave Jo back to the animal protection where they found new owners with whom Jo no longer peed on the sofa.  

Time goes by ... I decided to take an off-road vehicle and later  a caravan. With Jek we made a first trip to the off-road fair in Carrara.  

I discovered the world of travel in the desert there and I informed myself a little ... after the fair I returned home with the desire to take a trip to Africa, in the end I decided to go to Morocco with an Italian agency called Desartica . Jek stayed in Switzerland with my ex-partner ... but during the month-long trip I realized how much I was missing Jek .... on my return I asked myself the question, but who knows if Jek might like it travel by off-road vehicle ?? I tried and he settled very well and quickly so I continued to travel in Europe with Jek. My off-road vehicle now  camper with a tent on the roof and everything you need to live, I started traveling halfway through Italy, reaching as far as Puglia.

You wonder if Jek has to do his business? no problem has the litter box at the passenger's feet.

One day  I posted some photos of Jek and me on a group of animals in Ticino on Facebook where they then told me: why don't you create a page so we can follow you on your travels? and so in July I created a page on Facebook and Instagram.  

In July I wondered ... but who knows if I will be able to bring Jek also to Africa .... I found out what needs to be done to be able to take him ... I did everything necessary to bring him safely with me ... and so I booked the trip to Algeria for 22 November ... in August, however, I wanted to try to take Jek by ship, so we spent 10 days in Corsica and there too ... no problem, Jek was very very quiet.  

Before leaving for Algeria, I gave Jelmoni and myself a small gift and bought a Toyota a little more comfortable for such long journeys.  

Also on this trip I was very surprised by Jek because he was really good !! It was so nice for him too that we decided to go back and so on December 21st we will take the ship back to Africa :)
Now below I will show some photos of my accident and some strong photos of when I was in the hospital and some important interventions.
I do not recommend viewing photos for sensitive people ... and I really mean ....




  In Youtube you can see my video presentation

  of my story and of Jek and our Toyota 

Here you can see some of my interviews where you can understand a bit why I started traveling with Jek


My name is JEK and my master doesn't like it when it's spelled wrong, now I'll explain the J stands for Jonathan and the K stands for Kevin (my master's middle name). I was born on 22 May 2017 and was adopted by the Locarno Animal Protection Department.  I am neutered because cats found by practice must be neutered. I have been traveling with my owner since October 2018 for Italy. In October 2019 I made my first trip to Africa just over a month and in December we left again in Africa in Algeria and Tunisia. In February I managed to go to Tunisia for 10 days but we returned due to the Coronavirus. I toured Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Greece, Holland while in Africa I went to Tunisia, Algeria.